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Funny Videos - Dad Catches Daughter
Look what happens when dad walks in on his daughter dancing for her webcam!

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What you've had to say about Dad Catches Daughter:

Posted by: tori (Tuesday the 27th 2007 November 2007)
that just kind of scares me >.>
Posted by: Sara (Tuesday the 27th 2007 November 2007)
Hahaha, that's funny and scary at the same time.
Posted by: Japanda (Tuesday the 27th 2007 November 2007)
lol Jeezus.. I would kill my kid too.
Posted by: ur mom (Thursday the 29th 2007 November 2007)
yeah this is staged
Posted by: wsnake (Thursday the 29th 2007 November 2007)
very bad acting
Posted by: boo (Sunday the 17th 2008 February 2008)
shame he walked in
Posted by: XXX (Saturday the 1st 2007 December 2007)
Posted by: (Tuesday the 11th 2007 December 2007)
fake realy fake but shes hot =)
Posted by: showteen (Thursday the 3rd 2008 January 2008)
why dadi why ? u let me to cry, why dadi why
Posted by: ali (Wednesday the 23rd 2008 January 2008)
hi naees
Posted by: vinit (Wednesday the 23rd 2008 January 2008)
wow this is nice video
Posted by: bharat (Thursday the 31st 2008 January 2008)
very funny
Posted by: Gay Guy (Friday the 8th 2008 February 2008)
I like the song =]
Posted by: nikki (Saturday the 9th 2008 February 2008)
theas r greatest vidios
Posted by: raja (Monday the 11th 2008 February 2008)
very funny
Posted by: raja (Monday the 11th 2008 February 2008)
very funny
Posted by: raja (Monday the 11th 2008 February 2008)
very funny
Posted by: the king (Wednesday the 13th 2008 February 2008)
very funny and pretty scary though
Posted by: Ana (Thursday the 21st 2008 February 2008)
Thats stupid n Scary!!!!!!
Posted by: Ana G (Thursday the 21st 2008 February 2008)
Huh dats it? Thats stupid!!!!
Posted by: Micaela (Thursday the 21st 2008 February 2008)
Dats funny
Posted by: Damn (Thursday the 21st 2008 February 2008)
This girl is well fit (5 stars fit) it's just a shame her dad came in and the music track is pretty good too sounds like a remix of satisfaction but not sure.
Posted by: leo (Sunday the 24th 2008 February 2008)
muy groso
Posted by: TETE (Thursday the 28th 2008 February 2008)
Posted by: david (Monday the 3rd 2008 March 2008)
she's f***** hot
Posted by: Zepila (Friday the 7th 2008 March 2008)
BAD ACTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: penis licker (Wednesday the 12th 2008 March 2008)
i didnt start jacking off until the dad came in
Posted by: bill (Thursday the 13th 2008 March 2008)
i thought itd be funny but now i just want to beat the hell out of dad!
Posted by: dima (Saturday the 22nd 2008 March 2008)
I whold kill my kids too
Posted by: dima (Saturday the 22nd 2008 March 2008)
I whold kill my kids too
Posted by: krishan (Tuesday the 25th 2008 March 2008)
very funny
Posted by: Tasha (Friday the 28th 2008 March 2008)
Y didnt they let we watch it lol
Posted by: ycsm (Tuesday the 1st 2008 April 2008)
it was cool and funny
Posted by: (Wednesday the 2nd 2008 April 2008)
this is a ass hole web site
Posted by: mustafa (Thursday the 3rd 2008 April 2008)
i want to conversation with you
Posted by: rajesh (Saturday the 5th 2008 April 2008)
i love meera darling
Posted by: sexy_man (Thursday the 10th 2008 April 2008)
very good
Posted by: rtreyyyyyy (Sunday the 13th 2008 April 2008)
Posted by: nah.... (Monday the 14th 2008 April 2008)
Posted by: chuck (Friday the 18th 2008 April 2008)
She really deserved that!
Posted by: Naruto Uzomaki (Saturday the 26th 2008 April 2008)
i cant belive my eyes @_@;
Posted by: Hawkeyethenoo (Friday the 23rd 2008 May 2008)
What was the music that was playing? anyone know?
Posted by: wut wut (Wednesday the 7th 2008 May 2008)
this is why I never want to have a baby girl. but this girl was smoking!(her body anyways) wheres more of this girls video!?!!
Posted by: chaz (Wednesday the 21st 2008 May 2008)
i hope he didn't hit her. that was a bit overreacting. but extremely funny.
Posted by: Crazy Me (Tuesday the 20th 2008 May 2008)
PLz Can Anyone Tell Me the Name Of this song Its MINT :D
Posted by: muaztheone (Wednesday the 14th 2008 May 2008)
Posted by: ali (Sunday the 18th 2008 May 2008)
chodai se kya maza aata hai plz bataye
Posted by: Na (Friday the 23rd 2008 May 2008)
Posted by: sumej (Monday the 26th 2008 May 2008)
sex je super na svijetu
Posted by: kid (Tuesday the 24th 2008 June 2008)
Posted by: mr. smith (Monday the 2nd 2008 June 2008)
that was supid why didn't show her face.
Posted by: wow gold (Friday the 6th 2008 June 2008)
I love you
Posted by: Pervy DAD (Thursday the 19th 2008 June 2008)
Im a dad and I want to know what the F__k was the perve doing entering his daughters bedroom the way he did. She is f__king hot though.
Posted by: Medo (Monday the 14th 2008 July 2008)
Posted by: bustedAnut (Wednesday the 16th 2008 July 2008)
damm! didnt watch it with sound but she gave me a semi thats for sure. fuk if that was my kid i would hve beat her ugly
Posted by: manish (Saturday the 26th 2008 July 2008)
no comment
Posted by: asd (Saturday the 2nd 2008 August 2008)
Posted by: asd (Saturday the 2nd 2008 August 2008)
Posted by: mog (Monday the 4th 2008 August 2008)
If tis footage is real, both the participants have learnt something from this incident...
Posted by: marac (Wednesday the 6th 2008 August 2008)
wow...i don't wanna knowwhat happened later that least she is hot!!
Posted by: ajo (Tuesday the 12th 2008 August 2008)
no comment
Posted by: hotbolnd (Tuesday the 12th 2008 August 2008)
Yes Very Poor Acting...
Posted by: asdas (Wednesday the 20th 2008 August 2008)
Posted by: Dad catches daug (Thursday the 21st 2008 August 2008)
Posted by: fazal (Friday the 22nd 2008 August 2008)
hghghfdhcvbtredfdvgtfdgdgfdfgdfsfgdfdsf tyrtrrerdty ytrtr yrtrtrr rttretgggfd ytyrtruyd445324wsy6
Posted by: fazal (Friday the 22nd 2008 August 2008)
jgf cxsd njj
Posted by: Ali (Friday the 22nd 2008 August 2008)
Posted by: Bart (Sunday the 24th 2008 August 2008)
I'll hit that.
Posted by: shubh (Tuesday the 9th 2008 September 2008)
chodu bhagat
Posted by: h (Thursday the 11th 2008 September 2008)
Posted by: Sudhir (Tuesday the 16th 2008 September 2008)
its very hot
Posted by: ajay patil (Monday the 22nd 2008 September 2008)
dont spoil our culture
Posted by: biragnaz (Tuesday the 23rd 2008 September 2008)
what the f**k is up with the dad? i bet he want piece of the action too.
Posted by: hendri (Wednesday the 24th 2008 September 2008)
very fool daughter
Posted by: trey dady (Wednesday the 24th 2008 September 2008)
messed up porn lol=)
Posted by: zzzzz (Monday the 6th 2008 October 2008)
Posted by: Sauro (Saturday the 11th 2008 October 2008)
muito exitante,embora muito comico!!
Posted by: (Wednesday the 22nd 2008 October 2008)
i love jacking off to this video she hot. i love to masturbate with her and she could watch me eat my cum and cum on my face.
Posted by: angel (Wednesday the 22nd 2008 October 2008)
esta buena zoooo
Posted by: urglyboy (Wednesday the 29th 2008 October 2008)
I like funny.
Posted by: pm (Wednesday the 29th 2008 October 2008)
Posted by: sudhir (Thursday the 30th 2008 October 2008)
Posted by: Neraj (Wednesday the 5th 2008 November 2008)
Very good Fart in her chutad
Posted by: Neraj (Wednesday the 5th 2008 November 2008)
Very good Fart in her chutad
Posted by: Ejaz Ashraf (Friday the 7th 2008 November 2008)
download funny clip
Posted by: alejandro (Sunday the 9th 2008 November 2008)
she is hot I WHANT MORE
Posted by: alejandro (Sunday the 9th 2008 November 2008)
my ex girlfriend loved to strip for me dressed like that how hot is that
Posted by: Romeo (Wednesday the 12th 2008 November 2008)
She made me hot
Posted by: (Thursday the 13th 2008 November 2008)
Posted by: ryos (Monday the 17th 2008 November 2008)
nice skirt waw...
Posted by: rabeeka (Tuesday the 25th 2008 November 2008)
very very nice and hot
Posted by: xxx man (Sunday the 30th 2008 November 2008)
i cant believe he done that!! =/
Posted by: Surya (Tuesday the 2nd 2008 December 2008)
I want that girl how much if i want 1 night
Posted by: Anand (Sunday the 14th 2008 December 2008)
Posted by: pawan (Tuesday the 16th 2008 December 2008)
Posted by: funy (Thursday the 1st 2009 January 2009)
u are trying to to be good dady but make sure that don't sacre ur girl like that
Posted by: wow (Monday the 12th 2009 January 2009)
its very funny
Posted by: Brad (Monday the 26th 2009 January 2009)
If you believe this to be real...have I got a block of land for you!
Posted by: ASHWANI JAIN (Tuesday the 16th 2009 June 2009)
Behan ki loori
Posted by: (Monday the 20th 2010 September 2010)
she wants to show her butt on webcam? id lift that lil skirt n spank her for all to see.. maybe shed think twice next time...
Posted by: Adam Grayson (Friday the 1st 2010 October 2010)
This was a all planned for those who dont know the father is actually the husband of the female in it
Posted by: Void (Thursday the 18th 2010 November 2010)
I'm a father and that is not realistic at all, i'd say something like sorry I didn't knock and to make sure she don't put it on you-tube as a suggestion,but no way would a father yell like that, lol.
Posted by: its very bad (Friday the 21st 2011 January 2011)
its very bad for meeee......
Posted by: Jailen (Saturday the 24th 2011 December 2011)
That saves me. Thanks for being so sensilbe!
Posted by: Maryellen (Sunday the 9th 2013 June 2013)
Created the greteast articles, you have.

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