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Funny Videos - The Best Man Ever
This has to be the funniest wedding video I've ever seen!

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What you've had to say about The Best Man Ever:

Posted by: (Thursday the 16th 2008 October 2008)
This is just so sad for the couple "to be", I only hope that they can laugh about it now! I am sure at the time it seemed a bit crazy! I wish them all them all the best = )
Posted by: Uncle Fester (Wednesday the 26th 2009 August 2009)
Posted by: tapasjena (Thursday the 3rd 2009 September 2009)
Posted by: SHU_JON (Thursday the 3rd 2009 September 2009)
Posted by: valar (Thursday the 4th 2010 March 2010)
it is so nw v can laugh...ha!ha!ha!
Posted by: Chickens (Saturday the 28th 2013 September 2013)
BTW, all because of Steve, Ross Douthat (and other Atlantic wrriets?) will be policing their threads far more aggressively. Apparently, in the comments thread, some of the Leftists just exploded and sabotaged the thread through such tactics as posting as other bloggers they disagreed with, smearing, etc.I've come to believe that in the same way conservatives fear being called "racist", liberals are afraid of data that challenges their view that we are blank slates. They avoid threads that deal with these subjects and become primal if it is brought up to them. The most productive thing a conservative can do is not become defensive or even talk about each other's character, but be gracious and recite those dry statistics ad nauseum. Why bother with people who won't change their minds? Some lurkers may, but mostly, to make them desist and to abandon the conservative blogs where they find homes and cause trouble. I learn much from threads and it is a pet peeve of mine to see a conservative thread where the regulars are liberals who aren't even interested in debate.
Posted by: ???????? (Wednesday the 13th 2015 May 2015)

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