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Funny Videos - Postman Pat
I never remember seeing this episode before, and from what I remember he had a slightly softer/less northan voice! This postman pat clip is truely class.

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What you've had to say about Postman Pat:

Posted by: Emma (Saturday the 30th 2006 December 2006)
Bloody Ace, i loved it!!
Posted by: Elliot (Monday the 8th 2007 January 2007)
How do u download it to ur mobile a sony ericson k700i???
Posted by: King Daker (Thursday the 15th 2007 February 2007)
Posted by: david butler (Thursday the 1st 2007 March 2007)
want 2 dounload it to my sony erricson k750i
Posted by: dave (Thursday the 1st 2007 March 2007)
cant download it to my phone
Posted by: Kirstie (Sunday the 4th 2007 March 2007)
i want them on my fone but i cnt download them
Posted by: dave (Friday the 9th 2007 March 2007)
brill wot a laff
Posted by: stalgado (Monday the 30th 2007 April 2007)
how do you download this thing god damn it
Posted by: meat (Tuesday the 1st 2007 May 2007)
plenty like this where i work !!
Posted by: BigPauly (Sunday the 17th 2007 June 2007)
Fantastic clip, the best ever of any of the Pat clips...the others are just swearing for the sake of it IMO, this works, great voice LMFAO! (Narks me off about the ending being cut short though)
Posted by: Kirkan Petley (Tuesday the 28th 2007 August 2007)
Posted by: jim (Thursday the 30th 2007 August 2007)
this is the best pat clp ever. piy about the quality. johny lanas a right cunt
Posted by: emzie (Tuesday the 9th 2007 October 2007)
how do you download it to a samsung phone??
Posted by: egg head (Friday the 2nd 2007 November 2007)
i luv keyha
Posted by: johndenver (Friday the 9th 2007 November 2007)
Posted by: adam (Sunday the 9th 2007 December 2007)
it is hilarious when pat falls over the cat
Posted by: adam (Tuesday the 11th 2007 December 2007)
its fucin hilarous
Posted by: wendy (Thursday the 14th 2008 August 2008)
woo ooh pat
Posted by: stef (Tuesday the 13th 2009 January 2009)
you download by pressing the [save] button on top right corner of the video, hope this helps
Posted by: Graham (Sunday the 18th 2009 January 2009)
Postman Pat - bit old for that one. -
Posted by: kev (Tuesday the 27th 2009 January 2009)
Posted by: fgfyhuj (Thursday the 21st 2009 May 2009)
fuking funny sht !
Posted by: cooper (Tuesday the 16th 2009 June 2009)
haha ive got it on my fone
Posted by: fuck yes (Thursday the 8th 2009 October 2009)
the original and the best. the newer ones are nothing compared to this. the greatest video on the internet
Posted by: nick (Saturday the 26th 2009 December 2009)
people keep saying that you download it by clicking save. I understand how to put it on my phone its just there is NO save option next to the video on my screen, any help anyone ?
Posted by: dan (Monday the 8th 2010 February 2010)
this is amazing guys
Posted by: Zip (Wednesday the 17th 2010 February 2010)
This is funny. I wish they'd show this on telly on Channel 4.
Posted by: i love tim watts (Friday the 12th 2010 March 2010)
Lol! Bugs clinic!
Posted by: i love tim watts (Friday the 12th 2010 March 2010)
Timmy darling hello!!!!!
Posted by: Lloyd (Sunday the 9th 2010 May 2010)
This is truely a classic :D
Posted by: marcus tibbs (Sunday the 22nd 2015 March 2015)
I loved it
Posted by: marcus tibbs (Sunday the 22nd 2015 March 2015)
I loved it

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