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Funny Videos - Family Guy Clip
Staring Glen from Family Guy.

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Family Guy
Funny Jokeroo
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What you've had to say about Family Guy Clip:

Posted by: daniel lane (Saturday the 10th 2007 March 2007)
where do i go to download family guy series or episode
Posted by: julia (Monday the 7th 2007 May 2007)
the videos are not playing
Posted by: john (Wednesday the 6th 2007 June 2007)
lol that was funny when brian was dressing lke luis and prtending to be her lmao!!!
Posted by: Ashley (Tuesday the 12th 2007 June 2007)
ooowww i like this video how stewie talks he looks so nice i love the way he is!!!!...
Posted by: Lindasy (Tuesday the 3rd 2007 July 2007)
LOL, that was so funny! "i'm gunna go thorw up in the hallway about something else.." XD
Posted by: jean (Wednesday the 4th 2007 July 2007)
Posted by: justy (Thursday the 2nd 2007 August 2007)
so funny
Posted by: Alex (Thursday the 16th 2007 August 2007)
This f*cking player doesn't run!!!
Posted by: james (Thursday the 23rd 2007 August 2007)
bro alex go to flash player thn prs save tats wht made it wrk 4 me?
Posted by: Jonathan (Thursday the 21st 2008 February 2008)
how do i put this on my phone. Because when i copy it to my memory card it says that 'The disk is wright protected' when it isnt as i have put things on it before.
Posted by: soho karm (Saturday the 23rd 2008 February 2008)
eeee gooooo for u
Posted by: ashley menard (Sunday the 24th 2008 February 2008)
hah hja ha ha ha ha
Posted by: how do I download it? (Friday the 14th 2008 March 2008)
how do I download it?
Posted by: benjamin (Thursday the 15th 2008 May 2008)
ha ha funnyest thing ever i loved it
Posted by: Sam (Thursday the 7th 2008 August 2008)
Posted by: peta (Saturday the 23rd 2008 August 2008)
haha, but stewie does it as well, when chris dates the vet intern, he loses her, then his dad sets him on a date, which stewie walks in dressed a sa woman, sees chris, goes "whoaaa" and walks out again
Posted by: Haha Saki (Tuesday the 7th 2008 October 2008)
007 Army
Posted by: Austin (Tuesday the 4th 2008 November 2008)
how do u download it
Posted by: Mimi (Friday the 2nd 2009 January 2009)
this sucks
Posted by: Lewis (Thursday the 22nd 2009 January 2009)
it aint showin
Posted by: murtaza (Thursday the 12th 2009 February 2009)
Posted by: me (Saturday the 21st 2009 February 2009)
it wont play
Posted by: nodiii (Tuesday the 17th 2009 March 2009)
very funy but i want to download it
Posted by: cheryl (Monday the 30th 2009 March 2009)
itzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz great
Posted by: triniwoo (Saturday the 6th 2009 June 2009)
Its sooo funny and to downlaod it at the end it says to downlaod go to ....(whatevz site it was
Posted by: triniwoo (Saturday the 6th 2009 June 2009)
arrrr soo good cant stop watching it lol
Posted by: Kelsy N Habibaxx (Wednesday the 22nd 2009 July 2009)
it is funny n its awesome we think its the funnyest eposode ever KWLxxx
Posted by: not for you to no (Friday the 24th 2009 July 2009)
i hate this site
Posted by: a dude (Sunday the 4th 2009 October 2009)
Posted by: kong hmong (Monday the 14th 2010 June 2010)
whatt! dude you don't know to download you are a b****!
Posted by: yo mama blackass (Thursday the 17th 2010 June 2010)
all yall jackasses wat da hell is kong
Posted by: BennnnnnnyBOOOOYY (Tuesday the 17th 2010 August 2010)
To download just right click the 3gp download in the box under the video and click save target as...
Posted by: danny (Wednesday the 18th 2012 January 2012)
marditos video que no se descargan abusos son utedes

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