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Funny Videos - Achmed The Dead Terrorist
Here's a crazy puppet called Achmed the dead terrorist.

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What you've had to say about Achmed The Dead Terrorist:

Posted by: moggzie (Monday the 17th 2007 December 2007)
so f**ckin funny
Posted by: haha (Wednesday the 19th 2007 December 2007)
this is HILARIOUS!!!
Posted by: bereczkiattila (Friday the 25th 2008 January 2008)
very good
Posted by: Andy (Monday the 4th 2008 February 2008)
It is very hilarious
Posted by: h (Saturday the 2nd 2008 February 2008)
Very funny
Posted by: Funny (Sunday the 3rd 2008 February 2008)
It made me laugh all the way ..
Posted by: dennis (Tuesday the 12th 2008 February 2008)
how can i download it?????
Posted by: will (Friday the 7th 2008 March 2008)
Posted by: (Friday the 4th 2008 April 2008)
This is so osm!!! silence!!! i kill you!!! :D these is my favourite words :D
Posted by: wissam (Sunday the 13th 2008 April 2008)
silence i kill you fab ... i cant say any thing only osm
Posted by: e (Thursday the 24th 2008 April 2008)
Posted by: BOB (Sunday the 4th 2008 May 2008)
Posted by: Steve (Wednesday the 7th 2008 May 2008)
Posted by: ben (Sunday the 25th 2008 May 2008)
omg so great
Posted by: Duuuuuude! (Thursday the 12th 2008 June 2008)
Ist kwl..........
Posted by: Bob (Friday the 13th 2008 June 2008)
Hi, does any1 want 2 go on a date ring me on0800 838383
Posted by: Mathew (Friday the 20th 2008 June 2008)
how to download ?????????? its so funny
Posted by: FullmetalAsuka (Friday the 20th 2008 June 2008)
it's soo hilarious! wanna have it - wanna have it! xD
Posted by: treelover11 (Monday the 30th 2008 June 2008)
watch jingle bombs it funny christmas song achmed sings if you havnt all ready ill hunt you down lol im tired
Posted by: Bianca (Saturday the 5th 2008 July 2008)
Posted by: Risty (Sunday the 13th 2008 July 2008)
ok, simply the funniest puppet act EVER!!! Silence....I KILL YOU!
Posted by: Brandon (Saturday the 16th 2008 August 2008)
Silence... I KILL U!
Posted by: Blackmagic (Sunday the 17th 2008 August 2008)
Posted by: hollie . m (Tuesday the 2nd 2008 September 2008)
ow my days that is funny lol lmao ILL KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posted by: Smilla (Saturday the 20th 2008 September 2008)
There is no sound when I download 3GP Video.
Posted by: ghgv cd (Sunday the 21st 2008 September 2008)
very good
Posted by: re (Tuesday the 23rd 2008 September 2008)
Posted by: Loki (Friday the 26th 2008 September 2008)
For those who are still trying to find out how to download....there is a SAVE button to the top right of the video I don't know how ya missed it but thought I'd hlep. Great video love the "How do you spell it?" "A....C.....Flem" I laughed too hard.
Posted by: ackmed (Tuesday the 7th 2008 October 2008)
i kii you
Posted by: D (Monday the 20th 2008 October 2008)
The guy is good
Posted by: sdhagkfjsd (Thursday the 23rd 2008 October 2008)
Posted by: Dave B (Saturday the 25th 2008 October 2008)
Best thing for a long time.
Posted by: cadbury (Monday the 3rd 2008 November 2008)
Posted by: asd (Sunday the 9th 2008 November 2008)
Posted by: sds (Friday the 21st 2008 November 2008)
erg funny
Posted by: Jacko (Monday the 8th 2008 December 2008)
Settle down STOP SWEARING!!!
Posted by: Karen (Tuesday the 9th 2008 December 2008)
Could not stop laughing could someone tell me the guys name. tell me now or I killlll you xx
Posted by: oluseye ogunkeye (Thursday the 11th 2008 December 2008)
this is da bomb. this guy is really good. he's got stuff
Posted by: Ahmed the dead terrorist (Friday the 12th 2008 December 2008)
SILENCE! I KILL YOU! "Lets see er.. A....C....phlegm" SILENCE *squeaky voice* I KILL YOU!
Posted by: Ashu (Tuesday the 23rd 2008 December 2008)
Posted by: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij (Sunday the 28th 2008 December 2008)
Posted by: helpa (Monday the 29th 2009 December 2008)
the guys name is jeff dunham
Posted by: Ikilljewswithpennies (Friday the 16th 2009 January 2009)
lol ;)
Posted by: agramon (Tuesday the 20th 2009 January 2009)
this is facking funny , it is awasome
Posted by: russ (Wednesday the 21st 2009 January 2009)
this video is the best on utube its great great
Posted by: Theo (Wednesday the 28th 2009 January 2009)
SILENCE!!!!!! I KILL YOU!!!!!!!
Posted by: Meg (Wednesday the 28th 2009 January 2009)
i like toast!!!
Posted by: Malery (Wednesday the 28th 2009 January 2009)
haha bob i doubt that is even your real number
Posted by: brandon (Friday the 30th 2009 January 2009)
how do i dowload it?
Posted by: Matthys (Friday the 6th 2009 February 2009)
Very cool!!!
Posted by: Lala (Tuesday the 10th 2009 February 2009)
wery wery funny
Posted by: Roy (Sunday the 22nd 2009 February 2009)
Outstanding. Ahmed's a dude
Posted by: dude (Sunday the 22nd 2009 February 2009)
Posted by: Corey (Thursday the 23rd 2009 April 2009)
Posted by: i kill u (Tuesday the 17th 2009 March 2009)
if u loved this u gotta see the 'ahmed & salim' series making fun of crazy radicals & terrorist
Posted by: fuck u (Monday the 30th 2009 March 2009)
so do u wait to it finishes buffeing for to see save icon
Posted by: hdv (Monday the 6th 2009 April 2009)
Posted by: Jake (Monday the 27th 2009 April 2009)
How do you download?
Posted by: Jake (Monday the 27th 2009 April 2009)
How do you download?
Posted by: liam (Tuesday the 5th 2009 May 2009)
is he a zombie
Posted by: CHARLES (Sunday the 24th 2009 May 2009)
jaime porter des robes !!
Posted by: NOGZ (Tuesday the 16th 2009 June 2009)
watch it!!! i kill u!!
Posted by: vivek (Sunday the 13th 2009 September 2009)
Posted by: Kayode (Saturday the 19th 2009 September 2009)
This commets are too much silence I'll kill you
Posted by: Jay dee (Saturday the 31st 2009 October 2009)
So funny. silence i kil u.hw du u download it
Posted by: Vana (Wednesday the 4th 2009 November 2009)
Such a good video
Posted by: O2L (Sunday the 15th 2009 November 2009)
i love that achmed guy..aahaha!it ease my problem for a while..ahahah!
Posted by: ad (Monday the 4th 2010 January 2010)
Funny but much of what he says is also true. For example, terrorists do what they do because they truly believe they will reach paradise where 72 virgins are eagerly waiting for them (though it's not clear if they'd all be females). It's in the qur'an (koran).
Posted by: mongool125471 (Saturday the 30th 2010 January 2010)
how can i download it?
Posted by: wez (Friday the 5th 2010 February 2010)
this video is da bomb
Posted by: jacob (Wednesday the 31st 2010 March 2010)
Posted by: bay (Sunday the 8th 2010 August 2010)
yeahhhh...i kill u!!!!!!!
Posted by: OLUMUWEN (Friday the 24th 2010 December 2010)
Just 2 kool & hillarious.
Posted by: ACHMED (Friday the 25th 2011 March 2011)
Posted by: Ellie (Wednesday the 16th 2011 November 2011)
I can already tell that's gonna be super hpleful.

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